Department Mock Elections

Department of Political Science conducted its mock election "ELECCION 2019" on 4th February 2019. The event was monitored by HOD Prof S.J Michael and Departmental faculty Coordinator Dr. Kaveri Swami and Dr. Sneha D R. The event began with a welcome speech by the Student Department Coordinator Ms. Sheba Serlin.

A short speech was given by each candidate before the voting actually started. Six candidates from various combinations of political science stood up as representatives - Atira Premsingh, Johny Ngente, Pooja Patil, Monica Jerusha, Swaminathan S, M. U Dharneshvar. All candidates had a week of campaigning for the election, sharing their manifesto and defending a way on why each one deserved the votes over the other candidates.

The voting began with department head Prof Michael leading the voting pledge followed by Dr. Kaveri Swami, Faculty Coordinator declaring the "voting open". The students went through the exact method followed during elections, starting from the checking of id's to getting inked, which followed by casting the of vote. Students had mixed reactions for the same ranging from excitement to anticipation. The seriousness of voting filled the air.

The election vive is on its full swing with campaigns, posters, canvassing and so on… I hope the most deserving one win" said Reshma 4th Sem JPolEng who was the winner of the Mock Election 2018. As the voters were proceeding to vote exist poll were conducted by Ms. Rebecca and graphical presentation was shown by Mr. Sangeeth of VI Sem JPolE and HEP respectively. News coverage was done by Mr. Johns, Ms. Niveda and Mr. Alswaliah Shaik.

A small video showing a small excerpt of the campaign done by the participants was displayed during the vote counting session which was done by selected volunteer's and faculty coordinators.

The results were later declared by the HOD of the department Prof. S.J Michael and announced that Mr. Swaminathan S has a thumping victory by getting 55 votes. 74.02% of voters turned out for Department election. The event ended with the delivery of vote of thanks by Dr. Sneha D.R.

The ‘Mock Election’ or Eleccion 2018 was conducted on 08/03/2018 in the political science department for the purpose of enhancing awareness between or among the students of [B.A] Ist, IInd & IIIrd Year [JPOL/HEP] 120 students. The fundamental principles followed in the election process include nomination of candidates, party-based campaigning, general interaction with the public incorporating both students and teachers addressing various issues related to the party agendas and manifestos.

The department of political science conducted mock election 2016 on 15.2.16 to give practical exposure to the subject relating to voting. The event began with an oath taking by the students of political science followed by elections to choose the representatives. Bincy Sebastian of IV SEM BA JpsEng was elected with a convincing number of votes. The programme was fruitful for the students to understand the practical aspect of the subject.

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