BA JPCS 2017

 Course Code  Course Title
 Second Language [Any One to be Opted]
 AEN161201  Additional English I
 KAN161201  Kannada I
 HIN161201  Hindi I
 Core Papers [All Compulsory]
 ENG161201  English I
 CSC151202  Computer Science I [Programming in C]
 CSC1512L2  Computer Science Practical I [Programming in C]
 PSY151201  Psychology I [Basic Psychology I]
 PSY1512L1  Psychology Practical I
 JOR161201  Journalism I [Introduction to Mass Communication]
 Non-Core Paper [Mandatory]
 NCS150101  Computer Fundamentals
 Course Code  Course Title
 Second Language [Any One to be Opted]
 AEN162201  Additional English II
 KAN162201  Kannada II
 HIN162201  Hindi II
 Core Papers [All Compulsory]
 ENG162201  English II
 CSC152202  Computer Science II [Content Management]
 CSC1522L2  Computer Science Practical II [Content Management]
 PSY152201  Psychology II [Basic Psychology II]
 PSY1522L1  Psychology Practical II
 JOR162201  Journalism II [Print Media Journalism]
 Non-Core Paper [Mandatory]
 NHU150102  Indian Constitution
 Course Code  Course Title
 Second Language [Any One to be Opted]
 AEN163201  Additional English III
 KAN163201  Kannada III
 HIN163201  Hindi III
 Core Papers [All Compulsory]
 ENG163201  English III
 CSC153202  Computer Science III [Internet Technology]
 CSC1532L2  Computer Science Practical III [Internet Technology]
 PSY153201  Psychology III [Developmental Psychology I]
 PSY1532L1  Psychology Practical III
 JOR163201  Journalism III [Media Laws and Ethics]
 HUM153201  Basic Research Methods
 Non-Core Paper [Mandatory]
 NHU150101  Environment studies and Civic Sense
 Course Code  Course Title
 Second Language [Any One to be Opted]
 AEN164201  Additional English IV
 KAN164201  Kannada IV
 HIN164201  Hindi IV
 Core Papers [All Compulsory]
 ENG164201  English IV
 CSC154202  Computer Science IV [Visual Programming]
 CSC1542L2  Computer Science Practical IV [Visual Programming]
 PSY154201  Psychology IV [Developmental Psychology II]
 PSY1542L1  Psychology Practical IV
 JOR164201  Journalism IV [Basic Audio-Visual Media]
   Choice Based Course
 Add-on Course
   Life Skill Education
 Course Code  Course Title
 Core Papers [All Compulsory]
 CSC155203  Computer Science V [E- Commerce]
 CSC155204  Computer Science VI [Print Media Design]
 CSC1552L2  Computer Science Practical VI [Print Media Design]
 PSY155201  Psychology V [Behavioural Dysfunction I]
 PSY1552L1  Psychology Practical V
 PSY155202  Psychology VI [Industrial Psychology and Organizational Behaviour I]
 PSY1552L2  Psychology Practical VI
 JOR165201  Journalism V [Reporting Methods]
 JOR165202  Journalism VI [Editing Techniques]
 HUM1552P1  Project / Dissertation / Internship
 Add-on Course
   Extension Activities
 Course Code  Course Title
 Core Papers [All Compulsory]
 CSC156203  Computer Science VII [Digital Media]
 CSC1562L1  Computer Science Practical VI [Digital Media]
 CSC1562P2  Computer Science Mini Project
 PSY156201  Psychology VII [Behavioural Dysfunction II]
 PSY1562L1  Psychology Practical VII
 PSY156202  Psychology VIII [Industrial Psychology and Organizational Behaviour II]
 PSY1562L2  Psychology Practical VIII
 JOR166201  Journalism VII [Media Management]
 JOR166202  Journalism VIII [Introduction to Advertising and Public Relations]

* A pass in the Non-Core Course is mandatory for pass status; However, marks secured in this Course is not considered for grand total / class / rank

Add–on Course A student has to complete the Add-on course before/during the prescribed semester, as scheduled by the respective department, for obtaining a pass status; however, the credits awarded for the same will not be considered for GPA calculations.

First Semester results of M Com. / M Com. FA / M Com. CGMA - I Semester (2019-21 Batch students) are published online.| 7th National Green India Essay Competition Results CLICK HERE TO VIEW RESULTS |

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