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Philately Exhibition – Celebrating The Glorious Heritage Of India Through Stamps

“Neither rain, nor snow, nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds," remarked Herodotus, Father of History about the Persian messengers. Study of postal history is a remarkable branch of historical learning. Indian stamps reflect on both, the past cultural glories of a dynamic nation and the current aspirations of a people. Indian stamps are released on many themes relating to History, Architecture, Nature, Culture, and Heritage. The Department of History organized a ‘’Philately Exhibition – Celebrating the Glorious Heritage of India through Stamps‘’ in collaboration with Philatelic Bureau, GPO Bengaluru on August 6th, 2019. Rev. Fr. Josekutty P D, the Principal of Kristu Jayanti College, inaugurated the exhibition. Philatelic counsellor Mr. Murali M and veteran philatelist Mr. M.R. Prabhakar shared their collections as well as their experience of collecting stamps. The philatelists encouraged the visitors to listen to the stamps that will tell accounts of the nation’s history, culture, people, achievements and all matters of significance. The collection displayed in the exhibition hall was testimony of achievements of famous Indian personalities, national flag, national emblem, map of India, mythology, festivals, ancient civilisations, heritage sites and buildings, costumes, languages, music, painting, dances, sports, Indian culture and tradition, Gods and Goddesses etc. that are found on stamps of various countries. A section on commemorative stamps of Gandhi celebrating Satyagraha campaigns enthralled Jayantian visitors. Many students of the college were delighted to find the stamp of the founder of CMI congregation, Saint Kuriakose Elias, released by Government of India in 1987.

The student scholars were amazed to find during their research for poster presentation that India Post issues about 50-80 commemorative postage stamps and different philatelic items including Presentation Folders, Special Covers, Presentation Packs, Commemorative albums annually to develop an interest in Philately among youths and new entrants.

The exhibition made the students of History realize that Philately is not merely a hobby or a mode of recreation but it requires great tenacity, perseverance, research skill and can serve as a great source of education. For the enlightened, philately is a skill, an art, a craft, a sport, and whatnot.

Prof B.Ramya and Mr. Hemango Akshay of the department of History were convenors of the programme. 810 students, 54 faculty members and 15 History alumni of the institution visited the exhibition.

“Celebration Of Indian History Through Coinage”
Date: 20/07/18
Time: 10.00- 4.30
Number of beneficiaries: 980 students and 55 faculty members visited the venue
Led by: Mr. Ramarao, H.K, Numismatist and 10 students of the college
1. To create awareness on the role of the coinage in Indian History
2. To appreciate the significance of Numismatics in understanding Indian History
3. To encourage the budding numismatists and philatelists of the college

There are many interesting revelations of History when one study coins of an age. Numismatics confirms, modifies and even augments historic learning. The political, economic and historical facts of Ancient India is often corroborated or rejected by numismatic findings. An Exhibition focusing on the CELEBRATION OF INDIAN HISTORY THROUGH COINAGE was organized in the Kristu Jayanti College campus on July 20th 2018. The exhibition was inaugurated by Fr. Augustine George, Vice Principal. The famous Numismatist H.K. Ramarao displayed his vast collection of coins and received enthusiastic response from Undergraduate and Post Graduate students and faculty members of various programmes. The budding coin enthusiasts of the college displayed their collections and showed keen interest in learning about the heritage of the coinage of India.

The exhibits had displays from the earliest known coins of India, crude punch-marked coins of the period of Janapadas, the most beautiful coins of the classical age minted by Samudragupta (335-376 A.D), who portrayed himself as both conqueror and musician to the latest coins of the Republic of India.

The contribution of Numismatics to History cannot be undermined. The presence of the Indo-Greek kings and queens and the prevalence of republics in India are known to Historians mainly from coins alone. Much of the History of the Kushanas, Political life and administration of the Sakas and Pahlavas has been reconstructed largely on the basis of coins. The purity of the coins also reveals the wealthy economic conditions of India in the Pre- British Period. The coins revealed Chronology, Genealogy, Economy & trade, religious beliefs as well as and the artistic sense of Indians of the Past.

The comments of 980 students and 55 faculty members revealed that it was an successful exhibition that took many towards nostalgic journey of the Past, providing experiential learning about Indian History, Numismatics and culture.

Special appreciations to the following budding numismatist and philatelists of the college: Vaishnavi.P(I BA HEP):Foreign currency & Indian coins, Yaringhor (I BA HEP): Ancient India coins, Deepthi.N (I BA HEP): Indian coins, Chaya (V BA JPCS): Stamp album, Kanwar (V BA HEP): World coins & commemorative coins, Katherine (BA JPCS): Sri Lanka coins and Prof. Shilpa Rao.

Date: 21/1/14
In the era of technology, driven by the thoughts of tomorrow, the display of coins of India since 500 B.C brought forth reactions such as ‘Day at the numismatics world’, ‘Nostalgic visit to the past’, ‘amazing learning experience’, ’awesome once in lifetime opportunity’.

Mr. H.K. Ramarao, a passionate numismatist displayed his amazing collection of 1500 coins for the benefit of students at the Kristu Jayanti College [autonomous] on 21st January 2014. Coins with various scripts, Persian, Kharoshti, Kannada belonging to various dynasties of India were informative and inspiring.

Mr. Mahesh Jambulingam, President of Karnataka Numismatics Society, delivered a special lecture on “Numismatics of Ancient India” to all undergraduate History students. The hands on experience of handling and deciphering ancient Indian coins provided value added learning experience to classroom teaching of History. The coin exhibition was a definite inspiration for the 400 students who visited.

The exhibition was inaugurated by Fr. Sebastian T.A., Principal. It was organised by Mrs.Ramya, Faculty, Dept. of History under the guidance of Mr. Gopakumar A.V., Dean of Humanities.

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