Inquizitive 2019

Inquizitive 2019, the second edition of Business Quiz competition organized by the Department of Management (BBA) on 4th October, 2019 in Mini auditorium III at 2:00pm. This programme was conducted to inculcate the Interest towards current affairs in business and a culture of quizzing among BBA students. The quiz also aims at bringing the best talent among the students and developing knowledge about business affairs. The competition had two prelims conducted on 1st October, 2019 and 3rd October, 2019 and the finals were conducted on 4th October, 2019. The students were divided into teams of 2 each and totally 66 teams were registered for the competition. The two prelims which consisted of MCQ type of questions, Match the Following, Guess the Personality etc on different topics like advertisement, company logos, taglines, etc. were conducted for the teams. It provides a platform to the students to develop their knowledge especially in the business sector. In this competition, students learned to improve their IQ in the field of business and also it develops their self-confidence to take part in this kind of event in the future. Overall three teams out of 66 teams were selected, the first prize and second prize winning teams were awarded with trophies and certificates and third prize winning team was given certificates.

Acumen 2019
Acumen is the Department of Managements intra-collegiate fest curated by the students of the final year for the students of the first and second year. The aim of this specific fest is to stimulate creative and critical thinking and to test the ability and knowledge of the participants. The theme selected for this year’s Acumen was, ‘Digital Entertainment- an escape from reality.’

The department of management inaugurated Acumen 2019 on the 8th of August, 2019 at 9 am in Mini auditorium 3. The chief guest for the day was Mr Rajan Parulekar , Managing Director of Paradigm trainers private limited. The inauguration began with the lighting of the lamp. Later, Rev Dr. Augustine George, Vice Principal & Director, International Affairs addressed the gathering. In his address, he emphasized the importance of staying connected as individuals outside of a digital world. He also mentioned that in the dynamic corporate environment, change is the only thing that will remain constant and what will determine our success as students will be the way that we embrace the change and use it to our benefit. The Chief guest of the day

Mr. Rajan Parulekar addressed the gathering by highlighting the importance of a strong value system and the difference it makes in the work place, He also shared the importance and value of time, and punctuality in the corporate scenario sharing stories from his life to strengthen his stance. There was 687 participants from first year and second year. They were divided into 48 teams of 15- 17 members each, who have participated in the various events. The events for first year students were Finance, Human Resource, Entrepreneurship development, Marketing, and Best CEO. The events for the second years included Wealth Management, Public Relations, Best Management Team, Digital Marketing and Best CEO. Every event consisted of three preparatory rounds and a finale. The preparatory rounds were conducted on the 25th and 26th of July, and the 6th of August respectively, which hence geared up the students for the finals which was conducted on the 8th and 9th of August, 2019.

In today’s day and age when money is the ultimate goal, people struggle to control this asset and not have it control them. The Finance and Wealth Management Events taught the participants how to critically analyse their dealings and conduct their actions with clear foresight in order to deal with situational challenges and long term investment decisions. The participants were tested on their financial and accounting knowledge and their ability to make quick decisions.

The most diverse resource of any company is their human capital. The Human Resource event enabled the participants to manipulate human emotion and direct it towards the clubbed achievement of personal and organizational goals, The students were tested on their interpersonal and communication skills through rounds that imitated the recruitment and selection process as well as dealing with employee crisis.

Creative advertisements, head turning posters and ear catching jingles are the results of the effort put in by an enterprising and unique marketing team. The Marketing and Digital Marketing events allowed their participants to unleash their creativity and transform their ideas into viable products and services that satisfied their potential customer group.

Whether one is the president of the United States, an aspiring comedian or a keen business man, diplomacy and effective communication becomes essential. The Public Relations event taught its participants how to build an image and defend a reputation.

The dynamic business environment that surrounds us has risk lurking in at every corner hence it becomes impossible to navigate this mystery alone. The Best Management Team and Entrepreneurship development events saw the cultivation of the participant’s idea into a full-fledged business plan. In these events the strongest participants of each team worked together to face the odds of the environment and looking after all the essential aspects of their Business.

Permanence, Persistence and Perseverance is what separates the ordinary from the extra-ordinary. The Best CEO event was a platform where the students came and proved their worth pushing past stress rounds, crisis management rounds and the most difficult rounds from each aspect of management.

All the events constituting the fest came to an end with the Valedictory session of Acumen 2019 held on the 9th of August, at 4 pm in the Main Auditorium. The Valedictory session began with the feedback of the participants from the events. The participants found the tasks challenging and as a test to their abilities which motivated them to work on improving their skills and left them in anticipation for external fests. Followed by the feedback session, the Overall best performing teams were felicitated by Rev. Fr. Emmanuel P J, Director of Kristu Jayanti College of Law and Jayantian Extension services and alongside Prof. Surendranath Reddy, Head of Department of Managemet. This brought about the end of Acumen 2019, which served the purpose for which it was initiated.

Prodigy 2019

The Department of Management (BBA) organized Prodigy 2019- a two day National Inter-Collegiate management fest headed by the final year students, supported by the first and the second year students of BBA. To bring awareness of the change in the business world, the fest was themed ‘INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION 4.0’. A total of 106 students were ramified into 11 teams, each named after a prominent Inventor.

Prodigy 2019 was inaugurated by Shri. Vikrant Sharma, Deputy General manager- Sales of CEASEFIRE Pvt. Limited, whose presence manifested a positive vibe among the enthusiastic participants. Mr. Akshay Kumar, Student Coordinator for Prodigy’19 welcomed the gathering and Prof. Vinod Joseph (faculty coordinator, Prodigy’19) introduced the major verticals of the business field in his prelude which was a great start to the event. The key events were Currencia, Formidable Force, Influenco, Neoteric , The Vortex Cloud and Maestro. The Inaugural ceremony persisted with Rev Fr. Jose Kutty P. D, Principal, Kristu Jayanti College delivering the presidential address where he stimulated the students to upgrade their knowledge, and made insightful comparison of human existence to that of a tree. He also extended his appreciation to the department and the Prodigy Team in organizing the Fest and wished all the luck to the participants. The students were taken aback with Shri. Vikrant Sharma’s short yet impactful address, wher he spoke of holding on to dreams till they touched the dimension of reality. This served as a great start to the event and evoked the sense of determination among the participants.

Ms. Namitha Chinu Varghese, Student Coordinator for Prodigy’19 rendered the Vote of Thanks expressing her gratitude to all the dignitaries, organizers and wishing the participants the best for the respective events. The responses from the crowd displayed their anticipation towards the upcoming events.

The valedictory session began with the feedback of participants from different events. The participants were totally satisfied and felt every round challenging yet motivating. The feedback was followed by the prestigious address of Rev.Fr. Emmanuel PJ’s address to the gathering. He was really happy to see such fascinating gestures from the participants during the feedback. He appreciated the efforts of the department for making Prodigy a great success. Further, Dr.Aloysius Edward, Dean of commerce and management, felicitated the winners of various events. The winners were awarded with a memento and a certificate . The overall winners of Prodigy 2019 was team Fulton, Christ University (main) and runner up was team Tesla (Christ University, Department of Professional studies). The fest served as a really productive experience and will be a boost in their hearts in the years to come.

Innovatio 2019", a business plan competition
The department of management organised "Innovatio 2019", a business plan competition conducted exclusively for the Final year students on 25thth January, 2019 at 1:45 pm in Mini Audi II.

The competition involves evaluating the students’ entrepreneurial skills based on business plan prepared by them. There were around 20 teams from the final year competing with each other and showcasing their talents in terms of business ventures. The competition had two levels, where students submitted their report on their business venture and the teams made their presentation in the second level. The competition aims at giving a practical understanding of making business plan, stimulating creativity in the students for business ideas and encouraging a collaborative approach towards thinking about new business. Some of the business ideas presented were Mobile Ambulance, Memory capsule, Edible cutlery and so on. The judges for the day were Prof. Gincy Charles and Prof. Monica.

Innovatio 2019 ended on a high note. The valedictory session began with the feedbacks from the participants. They gained good exposure to various business aspects in spite of their project schedules. They thanked the department for constantly providing opportunities to excel. The feedback session was followed by Rev. Fr. Augustine George, the vice principal's address to the students. He encouraged the students to come forward to covert ideas into application. There were 3 winners for the competition. The winning teams were felicitated with certificates by Rev. Fr. Augustine George. Innovatio 2019 served as an important platform for the budding entrepreneurs to develop on their venture ideas in a collaborative way.

“No one can emerge victorious in a race till they learn that there is as much dignity in tilling a field as in writing a poem.”
- Booker T Washington

The Department of Management (BBA) organized the annual intra collegiate management fest - Acumen’18 and a paper presentation - Anveshan 2018 exclusively for the final year students on the 13th August 2018. Acumen is the most anticipated fest of the year and it sparks the sense of a competition and learning for the students. It is organized by the final year students for the first and second year students exposing them to a series of competitive rounds to kindle their managerial adroitness.

The fest was inaugurated by Mr. M.S.Vijayan is a founding director of RESIL, a Bangalore based company that has a global presence in the field of specialty materials manufacturing. The ceremony started off with the Prelude delivered by Dr. Jisha V.G, faculty Coordinator for Acumen’18. Living in an extremely competitive world and the need to overcome obstacles in life, the theme selected for ACUMEN 2018 is “FACE THE RACE”. The participants from BBA first and second year are been grouped separately in the areas of Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Business Quiz, Entrepreneurship Development, Public Relations, Best Management Team and Best Manager. The first year participants were divided into 18 teams with 20 members each and second years were divided into 15 teams with 15 members in each team.The prelims for the various events commenced on 1st if August and concluded on 10th of August . After four comprehensive rounds of prelims across 10 days, 4 teams stand between the finale and the grand prize. Rev. Fr. Augustine George, Vice Principal, Kristu Jayanti College delivered the presidential address where he appreciated the department teachers and students for organizing and pulling out a great show, his motivational words on how the world throws obstacles at one's race to success and how to transcend all of it served to be a great source of motivation to the participants. The chief guest’s address inspired the students as he stated that management is never a cake walk and being Entrepreneurs is one of the toughest fights. He also mentioned a few sentences about his company and their new launches that serve to be eco-friendly. Following this the second edition of “SPOTLIGHT”- the department's official newsletter was launched by the dignitaries.

On this note the effervescent participants sent forth to their events and actively gave their contribution towards Acumen’18 and Anveshan’18.

Acumen and Anveshan 2018 ended on a high note. The valedictory session began with the feedbacks of 1st and 2nd year participants. They had a great week of learning and exposure to various corporate requirements. The feedback session was followed by Rev. Fr. Josekutty's address to the students. He appreciated the efforts of the department for making this event a success. He mentioned about the various victories of the BBA students since its inception. He concluded the address by quoting the department of management as the "Face of Innovation". The overall winner in the 1st years was team 'Force Motors' and 'Nissan' in the 2nd years.

The winners of Acumen and Anveshan 2018 were felicitated by Rev.fr. Josekutty P.D. Acumen has always served as an important phase of growth and learning in every BBA student's life. Hence, the event ended in a lively mood and proved to be a great success.

Prodigy 2016
The objective of prodigy 2016 was to host fest for management colleges across India and to Create a competitive environment to foster learning

List of Resource Persons with details:
Inauguration: Mr. J. Crasta, Chairman, CM Envirosystems
Valedictory: Rev. Fr. Augustine George, Vice principal, Kristu Jayanti College

Prodigy 2016, an-inter- collegiate Management fest had the theme of “Make in India” with a view to become versatile to the changing environment and let students get adapted to current information. The competition was in these following areas:
- Best Manager (Consultare)
- EDP ( Web-preneur)
- Human Resources (Hire)
- Business Quiz (Bizquizzitive)
- Marketing ( Analyse, Research, Transform)
- Business Plan (Pitch shot)
- Finance (Rupaya).

The overall championship was won by Christ University.

Anveshan 2016
Anveshan is the annual paper presentation competition of the department of management, which is conducted for the final year students to promote the spirit of research. The students were divided into groups of two and made to carry out research based on the area of specialization. Topics for the paper presentation were from Finance, Marketing and Human Resource.

Students actively participated in this paper presentation. some of the topics are :
• Impact of Brexit on Indian Economy.
• Presentation on Derivatives.
• Stock Market
• Mutual Fund

The session was inaugurated by Shri Tanvir Singh, India Leader for Campus Recruitment and University Relations - EY GDS. The valedictory was by Rev. Fr. Lijo P Thomas, Financial Administrator, Kristu Jayanti College

Virtuoso 2016
An intra-collegiate management workshop conducted by Department of Management and organized by the Final year students of BBA for the fresher students, providing an insight of the various situations a person can face in the corporate world. Virtuoso was focused on providing students a first-hand experience to various managerial aspects, where around 235 students were divided into 16 groups of 15 members each, consisting of five different events such as Best Manager, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and Business Quiz.

On the 1st of July the Business quiz teams were tested on logos of companies, tag lines, products and so on and the Best Managers participants were put through another prelim round where participants were to choose famous personalities and market certain products

On the final day, 5th of July, during the inauguration Mr. Vinod Joseph, teacher in charge for the workshop gave a brief introduction to Virtuoso followed by Rev. Fr. Augustine George, Vice Principal who addressed the gathering encouraging students to participate in activities organized by department and Chief guest Ms. Reshma Hegde Managing Partner at Elan Education and Consultant who enlighten the students with her inspiring words.

Six teams emerged as the finalists. The first event, Human Resource focused on a similar rehire situations, followed by Marketing round where participants were given old products to advertise, strategize and market in today’s scenario. The Finance round consisted of a task where participants were given a task focused on long term investments and allocation of funds followed by the best manager round where six finalists were put through a personality round and followed by the final event Business Quiz.

After the finale of every event, the felicitation program was graced by Rev. Fr. Lijo P Thomas, the Financial Administrator of the college who addressed the students on the importance of teamwork

Ms. Priya M, the other teacher in charge for the workshop gave a brief report of the workshop after which the winners were felicitated. Team Shop clues and team Flipkart were felicitated as the overall winners and runners up respectively. Mr. Alan was declared as Best Manager.

Prodigy is, an inter- collegiate management fest which has been conducted for the last six consecutive years. This is an event conducted every year mainly with the view of inculcating managerial skills and nurturing the potentialities of management students (BBM) participating form various colleges in and outside Bangalore. It’s a two day management fest, held on 12 and 13 February, 2015 at Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore.

“Prodigy-2015” was inaugurated by Shri Unni Krishnan, Vice President, Client Engagement, HR Anexi Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore on 12 February, 2015 at 9.30a.m.

There were six events in the fest like Human Resource Event, Marketing event, Finance event, Business Quiz, and Best Manager and the theme of this even was formula 1.

Christ University, Bangalore
Mount Carmel College, Bangalore
St.Jospeh’s Evening College, Bangalore
New Horizon College, Bangalore
MLA College, Bangalore
Jyothi Nivas College, Bangalore
Garden City College, Bangalore
St. Claret College, Bangalore
Brindavan College, Bangalore
Diamond College, Bangalore

It was mandatory to have intellectual, experienced and excellent people as judges to judge the delegates from different colleges. There were judges from industry and academics, who judged various events all through the two days.

“Christ University”, Bangalore won the overall winner’s trophy along with the major individual events. “Garden City College, Bangalore”, Bangalore won the overall runner’s trophy.

Anveshan- 2015
The competition was held on 3rd September, 2015, many topics related to business management were given for the paper presentation. The competition lasted for an entire day. The winners were judged on different parameters like content, presentation skills, communication etc.

Virtuoso, the annual, intra collegiate management workshop organised by the third years for the first years, saw the theme ‘’The Avengers” with emphasis on team work and a mind-set to give a first-hand experience to the important managerial aspects. The students were divided into 16 teams, 15 members each. Each team had a designated group leader chosen by the members themselves.

The students from all the 4 sections of the I BBA program actively participated.

Prodigy 2014
An Inter Collegiate Management Fest, 18 and 19 February, 2014
Prodigy’14, a two day management fest, held on 18 and 19 February, 2014 at Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore.
It was inaugurated by Shri. Praveen Kamath K., General Manager & Global Head, Talent Transformation, Wipro Limited, Bangalore on 18 February, 2014 at 9.30a.m.
With the theme; Checkmate. All the events, rounds and promotions were relative to theme.
There were six events in the fest like Checkmate, Human Resource Event, Marketing event, Finance event, Business Quiz, and Best Manager.

1) Jyothi Nivas College, Bangalore
2) CMR College, Bangalore
3) New Horizon College, Bangalore
4) KLE College, Bangalore
5) Mount Carmel College, Bangalore
6) Indian Academy College, Bangalore
7) St.Jospeh’s Evening College, Bangalore
* All these teams consisted of 10 members each

• Mr. Krishnan (Asst.Manager, IDBI Bank)- Marketing Event
• Mr. Franklin (Web Designer)- Marketing Event
• Mr. Vinod Joseph (Faculty Member-KJC- HR Event
• Mr. Vijay Kumar (Faculty Member- KJC)- HR Event
• Mr. V.Babu (Faculty Member- KJC)- Finance Event
• Mr. Shivalinga Prasad (Faculty Member-KJC)- Finance Event
• Mrs. Shilpa Rao (Faculty Memebr- KJC)- HR Event
• Mr. Mohammed Umair (Faculty Member- KJC)- Quiz Master

Subway, Bangalore

“Mount Carmel College” won the overall winners trophy along with the major individual events.
“KLE College”, Bangalore won the overall runners trophy.

Anveshan- 2014
Paper presentation on B-Plan.
The topics chosen by the students were ranging from finance to marketing and from modern techniques in business to globalization. Some of the topics include like brand management, cybercrime, digital marketing, career management, social networking etc.

The winners were decided based on the communicative ability, attitude, content and presentation.

Anveshan- 2013
Paper Presentation and Business Plan Competition, The competition was held on 8th August, 2013.
Topics were given in different areas related to management.
The presentations by the students were evaluated by the faculty members based on areas like communication, attitude, content, presentation and rebuttal. Finally two teams were selected as winners.

The workshop was conducted on 9th July in the main auditorium. But the briefing and preliminary rounds of the workshop were organized between 5 July and 8 July, 2014. On the day of workshop, there were five events like Marketing, Human Resource, Finance, Business Quiz, EDP and Best Manager. 179 students were benefited from the workshop

Prodigy-13, a two days management fest, held on 5 and 6 February, 2013 at Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore. This fest became international with the participation of foreign students from Germany, USA and France. It was inaugurated by Shri Ashok Lodha, Sr. Vice President, Deutsche Bank, Bangalore on 5 and 6 February, 2013 at 9.30a.m.

With the theme unleash the potential, there were six events in the fest like Creativity Event, Human Resource Event, Marketing event, Finance event, Business Quiz, and Best Manager.

The participants of Prodigy’10 were around 120 delegates from various colleges from and outside Bangalore. The registration fees for the participants were Rs.2000/-The following colleges participated for the fest:
1) Christ University, Bangalore
2) Indian Academy College, Bangalore
3) Mount Carmel College, Bangalore
4) Jain University, Bangalore
5) St.Jospeh’s Evening College, Bangalore
6) St.Joeshp’s Commerce College, Bangalore
7) New Horizon College, Bangalore
8) Jyothi Nivas College, Bangalore
9) Reva College, Bangalore
10) MES College, Bangalore
11) MLA College, Bangalore
All these participants had to face the heat of firm decision taken by the experienced judges due to the nature of the competition.
List of sponsors for the event:
• Deccan Herald, Media Partner, Bangalore
• Beauford’s Creations, Bangalore
• Counfreedise.com, Bangalore
• VHTNOW.com, Bangalore

“Christ University”, Bangalore won the overall winner’s trophy along with the major individual events. “Jain University”, Bangalore won the overall runner’s trophy.

Anveshan- 2013
Paper Presentation and Business Plan Competition, The competition was held on 8th August, 2013.
Topics were given in different areas related to management.
The presentations by the students were evaluated by the faculty members based on areas like communication, attitude, content, presentation and rebuttal. Finally two teams were selected as winners.

Virtuoso is a workshop conducted by the department of management for the first year students, organized by the final year BBM students. The workshop is mainly conducted to give the first year students a feel of what exactly a management fest is. The students are exposed to various events like Human Resource, Finance, Business Quiz, Marketing and Best Manager. Virtuoso is being conducted by the department of management (KJCMA) for the past nine years.

Virtuoso 2013 was a three day event which started on 8, July 2013 and lasted till 12 July 2013. On the first day the students were briefed on the various events of the fest. The initial round was conducted on the spot where they were given task to form a new company with a capital of Rs.10 lakhs. The second day i.e. 10 July 2013 the next round was conducted following which an elimination of 6 teams was done. The final day was on 12 July 2013 which started with an inauguration function where Rev Fr Jose P.J presided the function. Following the inaugural function the finals of all the events which were conducted.

Virtuoso is a workshop conducted by the department of management for the first year students, organized by the final year BBM students, wherein they will be introduced to the basic concepts of managerial fests so that they will have an idea about the contents of a fest, this management is being conducted for the past 8 years.

The preparations for workshop began two days before the schedule of workshop on 27 June, 2012. The students were briefed about the events in workshop and they were assigned the task in different groups. The students are assisted by their senior students during their preparation for workshop.

List of events: - Ice breaking, Human Resource, Marketing, Finance, Business Quiz, and Best Manager.
1) Human Resource:
Objective: To give the basic knowledge about human resource practices in corporate world.
2) Marketing:
Objective: To provide the inputs on marketing practices and new product development.
3) Finance:
Objective: To equip students with functional knowledge in financial aspects.
4) Business Quiz:
Objective: To teach the fundamentals of quizzing in business.
5) Best Manager:
Objective: To educate the students about handling various issues in an organization.

Anveshan 2012
Anveshan-2012 an intra-class paper presentation competition was started in the year 2010 and is open for the final year BBM students. The students were in different groups of (2 in each group) for paper presentation and the topics were given in different areas related to management.

They were briefed about the guidelines and conditions to present papers. Later, the students were given enough time to study the given topic and submit the report on the same.

The competition was held on 25 July, 2012.
Evaluation: The presentations of the students were evaluated by the faculty members, based on areas like communication, attitude, content, presentation and rebuttal. Finally two teams were selected as the best and cash prizes were given.

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