Rural Exposure

Rural Exposure Camp
The rural camp which was organized by Department of Commerce and Economics, Kristu Jayanti College provided an opportunity to the students to gain practical skills and to be exposed to rural areas. 88 students and 7 faculty members explored the village Doddahullur on 7th and 8th of February 2019. The students were divided into several committees like survey committee, food committee, and sports committee etc. to look after different aspects of the rural camp. The students conducted activities like games and life skill classes for the children of Government High School. The students who went for survey got the details of socio- economic conditions of the villagers and concluded that the value of land in village has increased considerably leading to better standard of living of the village people but still poverty prevails. In the evening, cultural programs were organized at the temple where the villagers also participated along with Jayantians in dancing and singing. Second day during valediction Dr. Muthu Kumar, Dr. Murugesan, Prof. Anupama George, etc. felicitated the Sarpanch of Doddahullur, Head Mistress of Government High School and Panchayat member of the village.

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