Course Code  Course Title
 MEC204B11  Advanced Micro Economics
 MEC204B12  Advanced Macro Economics
 MEC204B13  History of Economic Thought
 MEC204B14  Computer Applications for Economic Analysis
 Elective [Any one course to be opted]
 MECA04B11  Agricultural and Rural Economics
 MECB04A11  Industrial Economics
 MEC402A11  Mathematical Methods for Economics
 Course Code  Course Title
 MEC204B21  Welfare Economics
 MEC204B22  Monetary Economics
 MEC204B23  Econometrics
 MEC204B24  Statistical Methods for Economics
 MEC204B25  Public Economics
 Elective [Any one course to be opted]
 MECA04B21  Economics of Gender
 MECB04B21  Health Economics
 MEX5A2A01  Extension Activity
 MOL502A01  Online Course
 Course Code  Course Title
 MEC204B31  Research Methods for Economics
 MEC204B32  International Economics
 MEC204B33  Economics of Banking and Insurance
 MEC204B34  Growth and Development
 MEC204B35  Labour Markets and Institutions
   Choice Based Credit Course
 Course Code  Course Title
 MEC204B41  Indian Economic Issues
 MEC204B42  International Finance and Globalization
 MEC204B43  Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
 MEC204B44  Financial Economics
 MEC204B45  EXIM Trade and Procedures
 MEC2P4A41  Project Report and Viva Voce
 Any ONE to be opted
 MRP5R2A01  Research Paper Presentation/ Publication
 MTA5A2A01  Teaching Assignment
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