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Social Outreach Programme (SOP)
Date: 05/08/2019
Department: COMMERCE
Class and No of Beneficiaries attended: III-B.com ACCA (68 students)
Venue: RVM Philanthropic Home (A.i.R. Transit Home)
Time: 1:30PM to 4:30PM
Faculty In Charge: Prof. Kiran Kumar
Objectives of Social outreach programme:
The Outreach Program aims to encourage the participation of the students in social development work and collaborate with community-based organizations and institutions in their efforts to promote a just, loving, equitable, and humane society.

Introduction of RVM Philanthropic Home
The A.i.R Charitable Home and A.i.R. Transit Home were founded by AiR (Atman in Ravi), a renowned philanthropist, spiritualist, author, speaker, motivator and singer with the mission to Serve the Suffering Humanity as Prayer to God. The A.i.R. Transit Home endeavours to provide help and long-term care to the underprivileged, the homeless, children, the elderly, abandoned women, and the physically and mentally challenged.

Details about the programme

The students of Bcom ACCA 3rd semester visited the. RVM Philanthropic Home on 5th August ,2019. We had brought groceries and a cake. The students interacted with every person in there and conversed with them. They distrubuted Chocolates and gave clothes to some of the kids. Cake was cut and distributed to all the people there . The students were very enthusiastic and engaged in singing and dancing to entertain the elderly and the kids , they also made sure that the people were involved in the activities with them.

It was a very happy day especially for the students, as they saw another side of life and realized how important it was to stay humble and kind to other people. The students left after giving them a truckload of happiness and it was evident from the way the patients and kids and the elderly people reacted. It was an wonderful opportunity for the students to help those who are in need and learn about their experiences. Overall a very much needed visit which helped the students to learn more about the human side.

Social Outreach Programme
Date: 02/08/2019
Department: COMMERCE
Class and No of Beneficiaries attended: III-B.com P1 (55 students)
Venue: RVM Humanitarian Home, Chikka Gubbi Bengaluru
Time: 1:45PM to 4:30PM
Faculty In Charge: Prof. Johnsy Mary Johnson

“The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved.”
RVM Humanitarian home is a place for the poor and the homeless. Not only they are deprived of the simple comforts of life, but even basic amenities and essentials like clothes, food and healthcare. Some of them including the elderly and physically or mentally challenging have been abandoned on the streets. They need our empathy more than one sympathy. They need action and also require help from people like us. It has been 23 years since the institution has been carrying out this great responsibility.

Our Experience
We started off at 1:30 pm and reached there by 1:45 pm. The place had people of different age groups, from small children to men and women aged more than 60. We interacted with the people over there especially with the children. They seemed to be very happy when people talked to them and showed care and affection towards them.
The concerned authority told us that these people who were dumped in the railway stations, roads, etc. were brought to them by the police. She went on to say that the place was facing a shortage of things because the number of people there had outnumbered the maximum limit.

Sorrow & pity was filled in our minds, seeing their disabilities made us feel ever so grateful about the lives we had & also how we shouldn’t take any moments for granted. We engaged them in activities such as singing & dancing. Though we were strangers to them, but we made sure we give love as a family. The experience for us was humbling, as we have seen people who have nothing, still able to smile and on the other hand we students always seem to find things to complain in our lives.

This experience was definitely an eye opener for each one of us as college pupils. We the Bcom Professional students are so blessed and lucky to have been a part of this wonderful programme. And would be extremely glad for more opportunities like this. This experience helped us learn so much about the life of those people, and the difficulties they face in such an age.

Social Outreach Programme (SOP)
Date: 02/08/2019
Class and No of Beneficiaries attended: III-B.com P3 (54 students)
Venue: Trithwa Ashrama, Thanisandra, Bengaluru
Time: 1:30PM to 4:30PM
Faculty In Charge: Prof. Gisa George

The students of 2nd year BCOM P3 visited the Trithwa Ashram on 2nd August 2019. The class had collected money and with that they had bought grocery, Blankets and other needful items for the ashram. We visited the ashram around 2.00 pm and started the programme with a prayerful song. The students involved in various programmes like dance, singing and musical chair for the old age people. It was a wonderful opportunity for the students who interacted and also understood that the little joy they give means whole world to them.

Towards the end of the programme the students distributed cake and chocolates and also distributed chai to the elderly people. The day was indeed a blessing and soulful day for the entire class. The awareness and realisation of the students from the outreach programme is evident from their feedback in which few of them said – “be loving, caring, and a good listener, and also learn to cherish and be thankful for what God has given to them.”

Social Outreach Programme

The visit to the orphanage started at 1:45 pm from Kristu Jayanti College and reached the orphanage (Home of Faith) at 2:00 pm. The orphanage had 40 children managed by 2 people. The orphanage had requested for stationary items for the students of the home, necessary stationary items were given to the orphanage.

The event started by a prayer song from Mr.Pramod and led by an action song by Ms.Rachana and group. In order to entertain the kids few activities like lemon and spoon and musical chair was conducted the winners of the event were encouraged with chocolates .Two kids of the orphanage show cased their talents like singing and beat boxing .The students interacted with the orphanage kids and spent some valuable time with them. The kids were offered snacks and the session ended with a song and good byes

Visit to Little Sisters of the Poor
Department of Commerce, Kristu Jayanti College Autonomous has taken the initiative of conducting various community engagement programme with an objective of meeting the demands of the deprived sections of the society, for e.g. slum children and adults who struggle to gain access to basic healthcare, education, safety, etc. Though we as an individual realize the need to work for society or do something for the needy, our busy lives keep us away from doing so. To address this concern, the commerce department teaching fraternity had decided to contribute towards a noble cause by making small donations starting from a minimum of Rs.100 by each individual every month. Every small donation becomes big enough to change the lives of many.

In connection with this, for the month of June, we have received a total contribution of Rs.4200. Representing the department, three faculty members Prof.Annie Stephen, Prof. Ragavendra Babu, Prof.Surjit Singha visited a home for the aged, “Little Sisters of the poor”, Hennur Cross and sponsored groceries worth Rs. 4200 which would be of great support for them.

Date: 25th June, 2018
Classes Attended & Number of beneficiaries: I Semester B.Com Professional students.
Objective: To orient the students on CA and CS as a profession and the future prospects and the procedure of registration to the course.
CA Mudassar Irfat- Founder and Director-Northstar Academy,Bangalore
CA Mudassar oriented the students on the following:
• About the CA and CS Course and its future prospects
• The difference between CA and CS Course
• Changes in Syllabus and the course structure
• Assessment procedure and cut off marks
• Registration procedure and the documents required for Registration process
• Procedure of change from old course to new course
• Duration of the course and the course contents
• Fee structure and CA registration fees
• The levels of examinations and the examination dates
• Negative marking in examinations
• Subjective and Objective papers
• Tips for qualifying in exams
The students actively participated in the Orientation. The session concluded with a Question and Answer Round where questions were posed to the resource person and their queries were addressed.

Date: 4th July, 2018
Classes Attended & Number of beneficiaries: III Semester B.Com ACCA students.
Objective: The main objective was focused on providing the information about ACCA course structure.
Name and details of the resource person: Fathima Imraz., Operations Manager, ISDC. Sapna, Academics Head, ISDC.
Ms. Fathima Imraz and Ms. Sapna focused her session on areas
• Ms. Fathima explained the procedures to check whether the students are exempted for the six papers.
• She emphasized that all the ACCA exams are going to be conducted online i.e. computer-based exams and gave important tips to prepare and manage for it.
• They also mentioned that two papers are preferred as it would help them getting recruited in companies.
• The students actively participated in the session. The session was concluded with an interactive session termed as the “Q & A" where questions were posed to the resource person and suggestions and answers were given.

Date: 2nd July, 2018
Classes Attended & Number of beneficiaries: I Semester B.Com ACCA students(80 students)
Objective: The main objective was focused on providing the information about ACCA course structure.
Name and details of the resource person: Fathima Imraz., Operations Manager, ISDC. Sapna, Academics Head, ISDC.
Ms. Fathima Imraz and Ms. Sapna focused their session on the following areas
• ACCA Structure- The talks detailed out the ACCA course structure which includes of 13 papers altogether which had previously containing 14 papers.
• Qualification levels– The Qualification levels are structured into 3 parts which are- fundamental level (3 papers), skill level (6 papers) and professional level (4 papers).
• Ms Fathima also explained about the registration procedure in details of the fee structures.
• The students actively participated in the session. The session was concluded with an interactive session termed as the “Q & A" where questions were posed to the resource persons and suggestions and answers were given.

Department of commerce (UG) organized Debate session on “E-Commerce Enhances Business Growth and Excellence”
Date: 5th October 2018
Venue: Main Auditorium
Objective: It was organised to provide an opportunity for students to showcase their talents by participating in debate session.
To understand if E-Business enhances business growth
Moderator for the Debate Session: MS. Kshema Shetty, Program Manager, Amazon

Overview of Global Stock Exchanges
Date: 25/09/2018
Classes Attended & Number of beneficiaries: 27 UG students (Group-1, 2 & 3)
Name and details of the resource person: Dr. ARTI SINGH,Investors Club, Coordinator, Faculty of Commerce (UG)
Write up about the session: Dr. Arti Singh spoke about overview of stock market globally, listing procedure, speculators in stock market and London stock exchange.
Importance of stock market: She discussed about why stock exchanges are important in terms of GDP Growth and also deliberated on types of speculators and participants in stock exchanges.
Largest stock Exchanges and Listing procedure: Her insights about Largest Stock exchanges in the world and history. She also review the listing procedure in BSE and NSE. Finally session end with Over the counter Exchange of India which is another important exchange for smaller companies and entrepreneurs.

Date: 04 September 2018
Classes Attended & Number of beneficiaries: 76 UG students (Group - 2 & 3)
Objective: To Study the Methods of Trading in Stock Market through Live Trading
Name and details of the resource person: K. KIRAN KUMAR, Investors Club, Coordinator, Faculty of Commerce (UG)

Mr. K. Kiran Kumar delivered lecture on live trading in Indian stock market on the following topics.
Method of buy: How to buy a stock in the stock market followed by different trading options like intraday, delivery trading, market order, limit order and stop loss etc.
Method of sell: How to sell a stock in the trading system followed by sell options like limit order, stop loss limit order etc., the resource person further discussed how to select the best stock.

Banque2015: Banking Exhibition
Banque, an inter-collegiate banking colloquium organized by the Department of Management (UG) was inaugurated by Shri. A.C.Sahu, General Manager and Regional Director of Small Industries Development Bank of India SIDBI on September 9, 2015.

This year, Banking colloquium focused on ‘the Role of Banking Sector in Asian Economies’ and witnessed participation from various colleges like, St. Joseph’s College of Commerce, Centre for Management Studies of Jain University, St. Aloysius College (Mangalore), Maharani Lakahmi Ammanni College, St. Claret’s College and Teacher’s Academy.

Banque2014: Banking Exhibition
A banking exhibition was organized on 2 September, 2014 at Kristu Jayanti College. The exhibition was inaugurated in the presence of Chief Guest Mr. B Dileep, Assistant General Manager, Bangalore Region of Federal Bank; Rev. Fr. Josekutty P.D, Principal, Kristu Jayanti College; Rev. Fr Augustine George, Vice Principal and Prof. Vijay Kumar, Head, Department of Commerce.

While addressing the gathering, Mr. B Dileep, Assistant General manager, Bangalore Region of Federal Bank said, “There must be a balance between technology and human touch during the gradual progress taking place in banking services”, as he stressed on Personalized Banking, product knowledge and its importance.

Industry visit to Unibic biscuit factory
The third semester B.com professional students visited Unibic biscuit factory on 11 September, 2014. Unibic is a manufacturing and marketing company of premium cookies in India since 2004.

With the objective of carving a niche at the premium end of the market, they have been delighting the consumers with great taste. They offer a range of 20 different variants including sugar free cookies. Students had an excellent opportunity to understand the production of cookies, the machineries used and also got an opportunity to discuss the marketing aspect of the business.

Students visit Komul Dairy, Kolar
43 students of Bachelor of Commerce (V B.Com C) on 25 August 2014 visited Komul Dairy situated in Kolar as part of their industrial visit. The dairy superior guided the students to see how the basic raw materials are converted into various finished products. The initial stage of a diary is the reception process, which is to check the quality of the milk followed by the processing of milk i.e separation of milk like cream and skim milk. In this section boiling of milk take places. The next section was packaging of milk and curds.

Students also got the opportunity to witness the packaging Dahi and ice-cream for the Amul Company. The processing and packaging of other milk products like butter, peda (sweets) and ghee and the preparation of ready coffee (Cold Coffee) for the for Cafe Coffee Day were also introduced to the students.

Field trip to Bangalore International Airport
The students of IV semester B.Com Tourism students had an opportunity to visit Bangalore International Airport on 4 July 2012. Students were introduced to the four main entries to the airport, VIP, Staff, Domestic and International passengers’ entrance.

The functions of the baggage allowance area, where the bags of the passengers were weighed and also were informed about the different procedures that needs be followed while checking the bags. And then they were taken to the VIP guest rooms which were maintained only for purpose of assisting VIP personals and also an introduction to the various formalities to be followed at the international counter.

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