BCOM Business Analytics 2018

 Course Code  Course Title
 Second Language [Any One to be Opted]
 AEN103A11  Additional English I
 HIN103A12  Hindi I
 KAN103A12  Kannada I
 Core Papers [All Compulsory]
 ENG103A12  English I
 COM204A11  Financial Accounting I
 COM203A12  Management Process
 COM203A13  Business Statistics
 COM204A14  Business Economics
 Course Code  Course Title
 Second Language [Any One to be Opted]
 AEN103A21  Additional English II
 HIN103A22  Hindi II
 KAN103A22  Kannada II
 Core Papers [All Compulsory]
 ENG103A22  English II
 COM204A21  Financial Accounting II
 COM203A22  Corporate Laws
 COM203A23  Commercial Mathematics
 COM204A24  Indian Financial System
 Course Code  Course Title
 Second Language [Any One to be Opted]
 AEN103A31  Additional English III
 HIN103A32  Hindi III
 KAN103A32  Kannada III
 Core Papers [All Compulsory]
 ENG103A32  Basics of Technical Writing and Organizational Communication
 NES102A01  Environmental Science
 COM204A31  Corporate Accounting
 COM204A32  Law and Practices of Banking
 COM204A33  Financial Management
 COM204A34  Principles of Marketing and Services
 Course Code  Course Title
 Second Language [Any One to be Opted]
 AEN103A41  Additional English IV
 HIN103A42  Hindi IV
 KAN103A42  Kannada IV
 Core Papers [All Compulsory]
 COM204A41  Advanced Corporate Accounting
 COM204A42  Cost Accounting
 COM204A43  Equity and Commodity Markets
 COM203A44  International Business Environment
 COM204A45  Macro Economics For Business Decisions
   As per Annexure III
 LSE5A2A41  Life Skills Education
 Course Code  Course Title
 Core Papers [All Compulsory]
 COM204A51  Methods and Techniques of Cost Accounting
 COM204A52  Income Tax I
 COM204A53  International Financial Reporting Standards
 COB204A51  Business Analytics
 COB204A52  Business Forecasting
 COM402A51  Entrepreneurship Development
 EEC5A2A51  EEC as per Annexure II
 Course Code  Course Title
 Core Papers [All Compulsory]
 COM203A61  Business Laws
 COM204A62  Income Tax II
 COM204A63  Management Accounting
 COM204A64  Principles of Auditing
 COB204A61  Business Simulation
 COB204A62  Business Analytics Programming

#Not applicable to students enrolled for ACCA

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