Guest Lectures

Expert Talk on Accounting Frauds And Its Challenges
As a part of Chartered Accountant’s role in the frauds taking place in today’s world, the Department of Professional Accounting and Finance conducted an expert lecture through the offline platform on 1st December 2021. The resource person for the session was Mr. Mridul Agarwal, who is a Chartered Accountant, Lawyer, M.Com graduate by qualification running his own firm and company in Bangalore and also a faculty at ICAI.

The objective of the session was to explain how accounting and financial frauds take place in the real world and the role a Chartered Accountant has to play in preventing and detecting frauds and the use of upcoming technology (block chain technology) in order to make the work simpler and transparent. The session was conducted for the academic and holistic development for the students of the Department of Professional Accounting and Finance.

Expert Lecture Orientation Programme on Career Growth in Professional Course
CA exams are considered to be one among the toughest courses and to become a CA aspirant one needs to go through the four levels of Chartered Accountancy course – CA Foundation (CPT), CA Intermediate, 3 Years Articleship as well as clear CA Final exams. The pass percentage is considerable low in comparison to any other professional courses. As the course contents are vast and the difficulty levels are high, it is often found that students usually give up on pursuing CA. The students are required to be constantly motivated and need the drive to push through all barriers. It needs constant hard work, dedication and perseverance to be able to succeed in the professional exams. It is in this context that a session by an eminent Chartered Accountant was organized, so that the students are motivated and do not give up on their professional journey. The speaker shared tips to successfully crack professional level exams. Some of the tips shared by the speaker are as follows:
• Prepare and follow a schedule inevitably.
• Refer the latest study modules and engage in lifelong learning.
• To stay away from daily distractions like mobile phones, TVs, etc.
• A perfect goal statement , time management and the right attitude to be able to go on
• Enhance the basics and bring in conceptual clarity
• Grease the wheels for yourself with review and revision.
• Identify strengths, weaknesses and practice more of ICAI MTP & RTP.
• Right guidance, constant motivation, unbreakable enthusiasm and balanced confidence raise your chances to clear the CA exams at the first attempt

Awareness programme on “Menstrual Health and Hygiene”
The Women Empowerment Cell in collaboration with the Department of Professional Accounting and Finance, Kristu Jayanti College (Autonomous) Bangalore, organized an awareness programme on “Menstrual Health and Hygiene” exclusively for the first and second year undergraduate girl students of the department on 26th October 2021 at 10:00 am via Zoom Video conferencing portal. Ms. Theertha , the student coordinator, welcomed the gathering. The resource person for the session was Ms. Roshnee Bhowmick, CSR Executive, Unicharm India. She enlightened the students about the importance of personal hygiene and the menstrual Health.

In her talk, Ms. Roshnee Bhowmick, mentioned the significance of regular exercise, proper diet and stress-free environment for proper reproductive health and highlighted on the inevitability of being aware of personal growth and changes and irregularities in the menstrual cycle that could be indicators of serious health issues. The speaker shared insights on the biological aspects of growth and changes in women and gave tips on how to improve on their personal hygiene. Ms. Roshnee Bhowmick, harped on the necessity to practice yoga especially vajrasana, shaahnkasana and Marjariasana and regular exercises for student’s personal well-being and also shared tips on how to prepare and deal with stress and mood-swings on the days of menstruation. She spoke about hormonal changes that lead to emotional and behavioural changes during puberty. Around 300 participants attended the session with great enthusiasm. The session was interactive and several queries were raised by the students and all the queries were addressed by the speaker. The session ended with a Vote of Thanks.

Expert Lecture on “Role of Registrar of Companies un Enforcement of Companies Act 2013”
Department of Professional Accounting and Finance organized an expert lecture on the “Role of Registrar of Companies in enforcement of Companies Act 2013” on 9th October 2021 at 11.15 am in Auditorium 1, Main Block. Shri .V. Sajeevan, ICLS, Registrar of Companies and Ms.H.S.Aparna, ICLS, Assistant Registrar of Companies, Karnataka, Ministry Of Corporate Affairs, Government of India addressed the students. The programme was exclusively organized for the final year B.Com Students of the Department of Professional Accounting and Finance.

Shri .V. Sajeevan, ICLS, Registrar of Companies addressed the students about the role of Registrar of Companies in enforcing the Companies Act. The RoC focused on how they ensure that various provisions of Companies Act are complied with by the companies. The main point of discussions included important schedules of the Act, types of Companies, the procedures to start a company, changes in the key definitions of “Company” and One Person Companies and more. Ms.H.S.Aparna, ICLS, Assistant Registrar of Companies, discussed about the role of the office of Registrar of Companies in detecting fraud and fraudulent activities. Her experiences in identifying and tackling the fraud by companies were shared with the students. Assistant RoC provided evidence about multilevel marketing scams taking place in the city and across the country.

The session concluded with open discussion in which both RoC and Assistant RoC clarified the queries raised by the students with regard to Companies Act. The expert lecture helped the students to understand the role of Registrar of Companies in ensuring the ethical business by Companies.

Expert Lecture on “International Business Opportunities for Certified Management Accountants”
Date: 25th August, 2021
Department of Professional Accounting and Finance organized an expert lecture on “International Business Opportunities for Certified Management Accountants” on 25th August 2021 through Zoom, virtual platform. Mr. Nitish Kashyap, CMA, US and Founder of Manartha Solutions Private Limited addressed the virtual gathering of students.

Mr. Nitish Kashyap addressed the students about various career opportunities available for students after completing CMA. The speaker also stated the difference between financial accountants and management accountants. Mr. Nitish also highlighted the role and responsibilities of a CFO in an organization and enlightened the students about the career opportunities available for CMA as entrepreneurs’ .The speaker underlined the importance of freelancing and internships in enhancing the experience and making good industry networking. He laid emphasis on market research through TAM, SAM, SOM and Pestle analysis. The session also gave insights on the need for a meticulous preparation for CMA exams.

Guest Lecture on Digital Sabbath
Date: 19th August, 2021
Digitalization can serve as a boon or a bane. On one hand, the digital world has grown leaps and bounds and on the other hand, excessive use of gadgets, surfing over the internet for unsavoury subjects, does bring in pitfalls. While we see people experiencing digital weariness, yet the fact remains that we cannot do without it either.

The idea of a digital Sabbath has been floating around for about a decade. It comes as an antidote to our busy lives, which is exhaustive and tiring. At the same time, it may seem paradoxical that abstaining from technology could help us connect better, as it was believed that technology had actually fostered deeper connections with the people.

Technology Shabbat or Tech Shabbat is a term coined in 2010 by Tiffany Shlain and Ken Goldberg to describe a day of rest or cessation from the use of all technology. Sabbath does not mean to escape the blinking screens of our electronic world, but looking for mechanisms that lead to a realisation of dedicating quality time to any endeavour, without interruption or distraction from the digital world.

With this noble intent, the department of Professional Accounting and Finance organises an awakening talk in the form of a guest lecture titled “Digital Sabbath”

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