Research Promotion Cell

The institution constituted a Research Promotion Cell in August 2004 with the general objective of inculcating research culture and to promote research at the institutional level. Following are the specific objectives of the committee:

* To inculcate research culture in the institution
* To provide information regarding research grants and funding agencies
* To encourage the faculty to prepare research proposals
* To undertake feasibility studies on research proposals from different industries
* To give a thrust for research publication and paper presentation in conferences and seminars
* To motivate the faculty to undertake research degrees and post-doctoral research
* To facilitate the faculty to obtain guide ship from various universities
* To monitor ongoing research projects in the institution

To promote and monitor research at student level

The composition of the cell is revised every year. The cell is chaired by the Principal as the Convener and Heads of the Department of postgraduate courses and one faculty representative from the graduate departments as its members. The Research Promotion Cell has been instrumental in establishing the Social Work Research Centre, promoting M.Phil and Ph.D research of faculty members and enabling them to undertake projects.

The institution encourages faculty both in participating and undertaking institutional research and in pursuing personal research leading to M.Phil. and Ph.D. The institution encourages the departments to undertake both short-term and long-term projects. The institution promotes faculty participation in research by providing the following facilities:

* Allocation of seed money
* Wi-Fi facility
* An exclusive computer cluster in the laboratory
* Personal computer with internet facility for MBA and MCA faculty
* Subscription to e-journals and e-databases like DELNET and British Council Library
* Subscription to research journals and periodicals besides procurement of books on various research areas
* Institutional membership in IIM Library, British Council Library and Computer Society of India
* Research equipment's and expensive chemicals are made available according to the need
* Reduction of quantum of workload for research
* On duty leave for M.Phil. / Ph.D. viva-voce examination / thesis submission
* Provision of information about the availability of research grants and other sources for the faculty to pursue research work
* The Staff members are encouraged to participate in FDP and conferences. They are granted on duty leave during these days.