The publications by the faculty members are enlisted in the succeeding tables.

Table 3.5 Books Published
Name Title of the Book
Dr. M. A. Deepa

Role of Biocontrol Agents for Disease Management in Sustainable Agriculture (In Press)

In vitro studies in Salacia beddomei - an endemic Woody climber

Recent advances in Agricultural Biotechnology

Mr. Sridhar P. D.

Sparsha Karma Prakrit Yanuyogaddharani Pratham Prakriti Bhandhadikara Dhavalatraya Grantha Pravesha Hastapratigala Varnatmaka Soochi

Ms. Sailaja T

Foot Prints I II,III,IV

Ms. Roopa B.V

Indian Constitution

Dr. A.L. Calistus Jude

Cytogenetic and Biochemical Findings in Digestive Diseases

Dr. Kavyashree

Tissue culture studies in Mulberry

Dr. Manju Antony

Hypoxia on rat brain and therapeutic use of superoxide dismutase

Mrs. Tresa Tony

Dermatoglyphic Patterns in Individuals with Hypertension

Mrs. Ginsy Roshan Thomas

Medicinal importance of Sappan wood and dried ginger

Dr. Reena Jain

Internation book on Persanality Patterans of Adolescents