Extension activities

Extension activities are organized based on the need of the community around. So the institution involves the local community especially the Panchayat members to execute extension activities.

  • Every project is carried out after carefully studying the need of the local community and made possible through listening to the representatives of the local community
  • In the entire development process the local leaders are always recognized and are empowered through these projects
  • Many of the office bearers and members of the Panchayat take part in the extension activities organized by the institution
  • The blood donation camps have received appreciation from Rotary Club, Lions Club and local community. The college collaborates with the village panchayats for blood donation camps

The college plans and executes extension activities through the Jayantian Extension Services (JES) with the assistance of NSS and NCC. In order to create socially sensitive citizens, the first semester students are made aware of the common extension activities through JES, NSS, NCC, CCPD and department specific extension activities during the orientation programme at the commencement of each academic year. The institutional prospectus, circulars and college quadrangle promotions plays a significant role in encouraging students' participation in extension activities. The extension activities of the institution is enumerated in Table below;