National Conference

The only aspect of change is change itself. As time rolls on the various Computer fields, need a change. But it is too difficult to communicate change. In the fast growing change in Computer technology it is necessary to conduct conferences to bridge the gap between the current technology and new immerging technology. This conference is a platform for researchers and students from various branchs of computer field to come together to present their new ideas and inventions in the ever growing software and hardware field.
The conference is divided into two sessions.

  • Technical Sessions
  • Research paper presentation.

Technical session handled by expert from industry gives talks on some emerging trends where as paper presentation sessions deals with many research scholars presenting their papers.
The conference mainly focuses on the following fields

    Mobile Computing ----- Web Mining
    Parallel Computing Data ----- Mining
    Cloud Computing Software ----- Architecture
    Neural Networks Digital ----- Image Processing
    Networking Text ----- Mining
    Data Security Embedded ----- System

Object Oriented Software Engineering