Master of Computer Applications (MCA) is a three year programme affiliated to the Bangalore University. Curriculum is framed in such a way that the students are made strong enough in the basic concepts of computer science and applications. The course of study is organized on a semester basis consisting of 6 semesters in 3 years. Academic study at each level is conducted with a number of connected activities to reach the goals of the course from the first semester to the last semester. To focus on the academic intellectual and social aspects, value added education is provided to the students of all the semesters.

The courses of the first semester emphasize programming and problem solving skills. Second semester courses are designed in such a way that it facilitates the students to improve their academic abilities with latest programming trends. Courses of third semester provide modern and industry oriented approach in the field of computer applications. Fourth and fifth semester courses offer a creative opportunity to meet the challenges in corporate world and builds knowledge on research among students. Sixth semester course offers 6 months industry experience shape them as a complete project development expert. The Elective Subjects are included in the syllabus in such a way that they can build on the latest trends in Computer technology.

Furthermore, seminars, guest lectures, tech talk series, student seminar series on various topics helps them to improve their technical skills along with academic skills.

Development of application software in diverse areas where computers are used is the main function of MCA graduates. The major thrust is on giving the students a sound background in computing, business functioning and mathematics relevant to information technology.

MCA curriculum includes syllabus, value added courses and certificate courses.