Inter Collegiate Fests

Christ university fest "ARTHAYUDH"

The Christ university Institute of Management ,conducted a management fest on 5 and 6 December 2014.
The fest which was open for all the students from various parts of the country, dealt with 7 major verticals, i.e.
1. Best manager
2. Marketing
3. Human resource
4. Finance
5. Business quiz
6. Business plan
7. Lean Operations And Systems
All the interested students were required to attend the preliminary round on 4st October 2014 which was conducted online. From over 50 colleges, around 15 were selected including Kristu Jayanti College.13 students from our college took part in the fest for different verticles.
List of students is as follows.

1. B- Quiz- Prince Kunjumon, Kevin Andrews Runners up
1. Best Manager- Joe Solomon
2. Lean Operations And Systems – Basil Paul, Ashy John
3. Human Resource- Lalitha P, Rajeev Menon
4. Finance- Ann Jess, Eden Flavia
5. Marketing- Geethu Varghese,Mibin Cherian
6. B-Plan- Antony Davis, Tom S
At the end of fest kristujayanti has won the “overall runners up” with The title for business quiz and runners up for all other events.


Chrizzelenz 14 was the management fest conducted by the Christ university, Kengeri campus on 21st and 22nd of November, 2014 students from the Kristu jayanti college participated in the various events such as Best manager , Marketing , Human Resource, Finance , Business Quiz, General Management, CSR, Lean operations & systems, and Business Plan. 17 students participated in the fest, Joe Solomon for Best Manager and Antony Davis and Joseph Thomas for Business Plan won first prize and cash prizes.
The students also bagged Overall Runners for the fest.

List of the students participation & prize winners
Best Manager- Joe Solomon cash award of Rs.20000/-
General Management- Zen Sunny, Reynold Jose
CSR- Priyanka Yohannan, Reshma Abraham
Lean Operations and Systems – Basil Paul, Dais Ullas
Human Resource- Lalitha P, David Lobo
Finance- Valan Antly, Ankith
Marketing- Vishal Varghese George , Tom S
B-plan- Antony, Joseph Thomas –Cash award of Rs.10000/-
B quiz- Prince Kunjumon, Subin Mathew

"INSIGNIA" National Level Management

“INSIGNIA” National Level Management Fest, St.Aloysius Institute of Management and Information Technology, Mangalore.
Date: 4th and 5th of February.
A team of junior and seniors from the MBA department participated in “INSIGNIA” National Level Management Fest conducted by St Aloysius Institute of Management and Information Technology. It was a two day fest which totally had 9 events, the accommodation was provided to all the participants by the host college. The events were all out of the box events, all events included exposure of all the streams such as finance, HR and Marketing. The Team of KJC won in three events:
1 )Head Hunting in Fortune 50 companies
Runner- Joe Solomon Augustine ,2nd Year MBA.
2) Online Business
Runner- Valan Antly, 2nd Year MBA
3) Sports Industry
Runner- Nikhil Nelson, 1st Year MBA

Nostradamus (Ramaiah Institute Of Management Studies)

Ramaiah Institute Of Management Studies, Bangalore.(Nostradamus)
Date: 27th and 28th February.
A team comprising mainly of 1st year MBA students participated in a two day management fest “Nostradamus” conducted by Ramaiah Institute Of Management Studies. The fest included 8 events Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, Best Manager, Best Entrepreneur, Operations, Treasure Hunt and Business Quiz. The KJC Team won the Overall Trophy in the fest. The KJC Team won in three events:
1) Human Resources
First Place- Anusri Menon 1st year MBA
Nivedita Dennis 1st year MBA
2) Operations
First Place- Basil Paul 2nd year MBA
Nivya M George 1st year MBA
3) Treasure Hunt
First Place- Goutham 1st year MBA
Sherin Sam 1st year MBA

"REGALIA" a National Level Management Fest

"REGALIA" a National Level Management Fest organised by Adarsh College of Management and Information Technology, Bangalore.
Date: 25th March 2015.
A team of 1st year MBA and PGDM students participated in “Regalia” a National Level Management Fest organised by Adarsh College of Management and Information Technology, Bangalore and the team from Kristu Jayanti College won the Overall Runners Trophy. It was a one day fest, there were totally 6 events which included Best Manager, Marketing, Human Resources , Information Technology, Finance and Culturals. The winners from Kristu Jayanti College team are:
1) Marketing (1st place )
• Derick Mathew
• Meryl Mathew
2) Information Technology (2nd place )
• Kevin Abraham
• Nischay.C
3) Culturals
• Meryl Mathew


The students of 2ndyr MBA got selected for the final round of Nueva Empressa 2014, a Business Plan Competition conducted by S B College, Changanachery, on 25th of November 2014 and secured the 3rd prize.
The competition consisted of 3 rounds and there were total 20 teams shortlisted after round 1 and there were 6 finalist in round 3.
Team members participated in Competition (3)
1. Antony Davis - 13MG2104 - 5th trimester M.B.A
2. Joseph Thomas - 13MG2115 - 5th trimester M.B.A
3. Tom Sebastian - 13MG2137 - 5th trimester M.B.A


Name of College: RV Institute of Management Studies
Total number of students attended: 11
Date: 14th November 2014

Sl no

Student name

Event participated

Place secured



Joe Solomon Augustine

Best CEO

Runner up



Siju Abraham Thomas
Shijo S Mathew

Business plan


Trophy and certificate


Geethu A Varghese
Kezhia Sharieff



Trophy and certificate


Soumya Tressa George
Liji Susan John

People Development

Runners up

Trophy and certificate


Jose P joseph
Ann jess





Edwin Daniel
Kevin Andrews

Business quiz



The team secured OVERALL CHAMPIONSHIP at the fest.


St. Joseph’s College of Engineering and Technology & School of Management, Palai
SJCET School of Management Association announced the eighth edition of its management conclave Sargasadhana on October 31, 2014. It’s a platform to showcase the talents and skills of post graduate students of Management and facilitate them to pitch against the best in business - a stage that truly breaths the corporate air. Every year, it attracts participants from the most reputed B-School's in the country. This year they had five major events in it - Brahman (Best Manager), Dhakshan (HR Game), Vipanana (Marketing Game), Dhanyogya (Finance Game) and Vijnana (Business Quiz).

14 Students represented our Kristu Jayanti College for Sargasadhana 2014.The Students for the various events were
1. Brahman (Best Manager) - Shijo S Mathew.
2. Dhakshan (HR Game)- John Chacko, David Lobo and Bithika Baboo
3. Vipanana (Marketing Game)- Joseph Thomas, Suhan Davison, Robin Thomas and Helena Terez
4. Dhanyogya (Finance Game) –Antony Davis, Emil Abraham, Justin Jose and Annu Francis
5. Vijnana (Business Quiz)-Prince Kunjumon and Dejo Joseph.
From the various events Shijo S Mathew bagged the BEST MANAGER title and Finance team (Antony Davis, Emil Abraham, Justin Jose and Annu Francis)Bagged second place for their event. Marketing Team was also fighting till the last round for their price but unfortunately lost. It was hard to believe that the Human resource and Business Quiz teams were eliminated in their third round. We were the overall Runners up for the Sargasadhana 2014 and also bagged a cash price of INR 35000/- (Best Manager INR 25000/-, Finance INR 10000/-).

"SPARK-LUMIERE" National Level Management Fest

"SPARK-LUMIERE" National Level Management Fest, Jyoti Nivas College, Bangalore.
Date: 11th March 2015.
A team of students from 1st year MBA actively participated in “SPARK-LUMIERE”, a Marketing and Finance Fest organised by Jyoti Nivas College, Bangalore. The Fest had totally 7 events out of which the Kristu Jayanti College Team have won 6 events. There were prelim rounds for all the events. The participants who won in the events conducted in “SPARK-LUMIERE” are :-
1) REKLAME(Runners)
• Muhamed Fanooj, Jismon George, Jewel Joby.
2) FUTURISTA(Runners)
• Saiju Abraham, Rohan Somkuwar, Shruthi George, Nivya George.
3) INGENIA(Runners)
• Nikhil Nelson, Aashish Philips Benjamin, Sagar Chakravarthi B.I
4) ESPACIO(Runners)
• Meryl Mathew, Annie Fiona ,Anusri Menon
5) PITCHFORK(Winners)
• James Varghese, Vijay Kumar, Gokul Krishna, Divya Lakshmi
6) TRIDENT(Winners)
• Goutham Krishna, Rinu Cheriyan

Report on Students’ Paper Presentation

The T.John Institute of Management and Science (TIMS), conducted a National Conference on 9th December 2014, which dealt with “Inclusive & Sustainable Growth For Emerging Economies Like India”. The conference which was open for all the students and faculties from various parts of the state, dealt with 4 major verticals, i.e.
Track 1: Challenges in Indian and Global Economy
Track 2: Challenges in Accounting and Finance
Track 3: Emerging trends in Communication and Information Technologies
Track 4: Challenges in Business Management

The India that we see witness now shows a marked change in the way it is growing and developing. Inclusive growth as a strategy of economic development, received attention owing to a rising concern that the benefits of the economic growth have not been equitably shared.

All the interested researchers were required to send an abstract of their research paper on 31st October 2014. From over 200 abstracts, around 60 were selected, 20 being from Kristu Jayanti College. Around 45 students as well as delegates from various institutions around the state participated for the Paper Conference.

List of students who participated for the Paper Presentation include:
Annu Francis – Award for Best Paper Presentation
Merrin Chiramel
Rijo Varghese
Thomas Alexander
Zen Sunny
Reynold Jose
Ajay Joseph
Antony Davis
Tom S
Joseph P Saju
Reshma Mariam Abraham
Printo Antony
Dias Ullas
Harshitha Hari
Nikitha Weller
Subin K Mathew
Prince Kunjumon
Rahul Francis
Ankit Bejay


A team of 1st year MBA/PGDM students from our College had participated in a management fest named 'FINESTRA' which was held at Indian Institute of plantation management (IIPM), Bangalore on 08-11-2014. There were altogether three events which were 'iBiq', a national level business quiz, 'Partikalpana'- product design with spices, 'Kalawarna'-rangoli with spices. The team of KJC won prizes in all the three events. The list of the prizes won along with the names of participants is as follows:-

Runners up
Team members: -
1. Priti kumari
2. Sherin Sam
Runner up
1. Rinu Cheriyan
Second Runners up
1.Jismon George
2. Saiju Abraham