Value Instruction Classes

"The thing always happens that you believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen". Frank Lloyd Wright

Kristu Jayanti College endeavours to achieve academic excellence, as students progress through their education, it is important that their education provide instructional opportunities, explicit and implicit that help them develop their understanding about what is right and good. It also helps to inculcate high ethical standards, resulting in service to humanity. Value Instruction Class has been formed to take care of this great vision.

Main Objective

To emphasize on the importance of inculcating good ethical behaviour, responsibility, standards and ideals in the professional and personal life of the students.VIC aims at revival of human values, peace, prosperity and happiness in the society through the students.

VIC focuses on the following themes and seminars are arranged on odd semesters.

The right and opportunity to develop one's potential as a human being.

Concern for and motivation to act for the welfare of others

Civility and cheerfulness:
Courtesy and politeness in action or speech

Compassion, kindness and generosity:
Concern for suffering or distress of others and response to their feelings and needs.

Courtesy and cooperation:
Recognition of mutual interdependence with others resulting in polite treatment and respect for them.

Confirmed virtue and uprightness of character, freedom from hypocrisy

Truthfulness and sincerity

Self control and virtue:
Exercising authority over one's emotions and actions

Pride and belief in oneself and in achievement of one's potential

Good habits of personal hygiene and grooming

Being on time for attendance and tasks

The students are given sufficient exposure to the realities of life, to understand and empathize with the poor and needy so that they would develop progressive proclivity to reach out to fellow humans with a tender heart and a helping hand.