Kindly use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as your browser for applying online
Following steps are involved in submitting application form online

Step 1 (Registration and Application fee payment):
Fill up basic details and make application fee payment to receive the user id and password in your email.

Step 2 (Complete the detailed E-Form):
Use the user ID & password from the email to complete the E-Form.

Step 3 (Submit the hard copy of application form in college office):
(Not applicable for online fee paid applicants)
Admission process will be initiated only after receiving the original DD/copy of cash paid receipt and hard copy of the application form.

Note: Your admission process will be initiated only after completing the above steps.
Shortlisted Applicants will be notified via email about the counselling schedules one week before the date of counselling.

(for further issues or clarifications on online application form)
contact Mob No: 9449451111


Note: You can also apply from the college campus

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Frequently Asked Questions
Why is my Application form status 'Pending'?
The status of the online application form will be shown as 'Pending' until the applicant reports for the counselling.

Do I have to send the hard copy of Application form to the college?
Hard copy submissions will be needed only for those applicants who have paid the application fee by Demand Draft (DD) or cash payment in the college office. Applicants who have made online payment need not submit the hard copy.

How will I know whether my application submission is sucessful?
All applicantions will be verfied and acknowledged by the office of admissions by an email within 3 days from the date of form submissions.

I have not written any Entrance Exams. Can I still Apply for MBA/MCA?
Applicants can apply online and attend the respective counselling in the college. The Applicants can attend the upcoming entrance exams as per the schedule available for various National Level Management Test.

What Entrance Exam should I take up for MCA Admission?
All Applicants opting for Management quota will have to attend KMAT Exam. Applicants opting for university quota will have to attend PGCET Exam.

Am I Eligible for applying through University quota?
Applicants opting for university quota will have to attend PGCET Exam. To opt for university quota, the applicant should have studied minimum of seven years in Karnataka state.

Result Awaiting Applicants
In the qualifying exam details page (Page 3) of the E-form, Applicants can opt for Result status as Awaiting and Provide Semester marks published and fill marks details

Marks Card with Grades
As Marks column in the E-forms can be filled with numerals. Kindly fill the grades equivalent percentage in the respective marks boxes. Eg: if Grade awarded for English is 'A' and if the percentage equivalent for Grade 'A' is 70% - 80%. Fill Marks obtained as 80 and maximum marks as 100.

Marks Card with Grade Points
Provide the respective grade points in the marks obtained column and maximum grade point in the maximum marks column. Eg: if Grade point awarded for English is 7.5 and if the maximum grade point for that subject is 10. Fill Marks obtained as 7.5 or 8 and maximum marks as 10

Problem with DOB and DD Date.
Even after filling a valid date, you may be prompted for providing the correct date of birth or to provide a valid email id. To fix this you may have to update your computer's Date and time settings. For assistance in, how to update system clock? Click here

Error Message
If the page displays the following error message "An error seems to have occurred please try after sometime"

This may be due to browser compatibility issues. Mozilla Firefox is preferred as the internet browser for applying. If not installed you may download the same browser from the following link click here