Articles Published

Ms. Suni Ajaykumar published an article on "Random Walk Hypothesis of Stock Price Movements" in International journal of Statistics and Systems. ISSN 0973-2675 Volume 8(2013) in August 2013.

Ms. B.Ayshwarya and Ms. M.Dhanamalar published an article on "M-Learning Contexts Coupled with Connotation of 4G Connectivity" in IJRCM, Haryana, in September 2013.

Ms. M. Dhanamalar and Ms. B. Ayshwarya published an article on 'World Wide Middle Ware Technologies' International Journal of Research in Computer Application and Management. ISSN 2231-1009 Volume No. 2 (2012), Issue No. 12 (December).

Ms. M.Dhanamalar and Ms. B.Ayshwarya published an article on "Indication of Mobile Testing on Cloud Interpretations" in IJRCM, Haryana, April 2013.

Ms.Suni Ajay kumar published an article on "Statistical Inference on Share Market" in "Pariprashna" - Academic journal of Sri Bhagavan Mahaveer Jain College in December 2009.

Mr. C.Babu Ebenezer, Mr. Rock Ramesh,Mr. Sophia Navis Mary published a paper on "Dip Analysers for Oligohydramnios imaging & medication using external stimulus" in international journal of computer networks and communications in March 2010.

Ms.Diana susan D'roza published an article on "Scalable access control user revocation for attribute set" in IJRCT Volume-3, Issue No 8, Global Impact factor – 0.52 ISSN 2278-5841 in August 2014.

Ms. Kalaiselvi published a paper on "Conventional Cryptography and Evolutionary Approach" in Global Journal of Computational Intelligence Research ISSN 2249-0000 Volume 4, Number 1 (2014).

M. Dhanamalar P published an article on "Data mining methodologies and its applied applications" in IJRCM-VOL 4 2014 issues no 12 ISSN 2231-1009.

B. Ayshwarya published an article on "Data mining practices" in IJRCM VOL 4 2014 issue no 12 ISSN 2231 -5756.

Ms. Anitha D'Souza published a paper on "Efficient information retrieval through ontology in semantic web- Web based approach" in Adarsh Journal of Information technology ISSN:2320-0340 Volume 2 Issue 1 April 2015.

Dr. Gnanasankaran presented a paper on "A Case study of the application of cots components in a molecular Dynamics software" in International conference on Electronics computer Technology Archive-April 2012.

Dr. Gnansankaran published a paper on "Commercial off the shelf components in software engineering: The software package SCILAB" in International Journal of computer technology and applications Vol 4(I) 68-71Feb2013 ISSN: 2229-6093 Impact Factor 3.2.

Dr. Gnanasankaran published a paper on "Application of COTS Components: A software package for crystallography" in British Journal of Mathematics & Computer Science 3(2):99-107,2013- March 2013 Impact Factor 1.2.

Dr. Gnanasankaran published a paper on "A case study of the application of COTS Components in a Molecular Dynamic Software" on Lecture notes on software engineering. Vol 1 No.2-May 2013.

Dr. Gnanasankaran published a paper on "Selection, evaluation, Testing, Integration and Implementation of Commercial-Off- The-Shelf(COTS) components in software" in International Journal Computer Technology & Applications, Vol (5) (5), 1588-1596-Sep 2014 ISSN:2229-6093 Impact Factor 3.2.

Dr. Gnanasankaran published a paper on "The impact of COTS components on software quality in IT industry: A survey and its analysis" in International Journal of Computer Science Engineering. Vol4 No.1 -Jan 2015 ISSN: 2319-7323.