Faculty Profile

The department of management consists of experienced and dedicated faculty members, who guide and motivate the students in their academics and non-academics. The faculty members will constantly update themselves through by various means like participating in seminars and conferences, presenting papers in seminars, publishing articles in journals, in house paper presentations, participating in panel discussions etc.

Name: C.Surendranath Reddy
Qualification: MBA, (Ph.D.)
Areas of Interest: Marketing, Production Management, Retail Management, Industrial Marketing
Teaching Experience: 14 years

Name: Shilpa Rao C
Qualification: MBA
Areas of Interest: Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Banking, Advertising Management
Teaching Experience: 08 Years

Name: Manjunath S
Qualification: MBA, B.Ed.
Areas of Interest: Marketing Management, Business Environment, Human Resource Management, Environment Science
Teaching Experience: 05 Years

Name: Ajai Abraham Thomas
Qualification: MBA (PGDPM & IR), M.Phil, (Ph.D.)
Areas of Interest: Human Resource Management, Industrial Relations, Marketing Management, Principles of Management
Teaching Experience: 11 Years

Name: Vinod Joseph George
Qualification: MBA, M.Phil
Areas of Interest: Marketing Management, Entrepreneurship, Banking
Teaching Experience: 10 years