Career Opportunities

The career opportunities for the students of management are enormous. After the completion of BBM course, students can take up jobs in different disciplines like marketing, finance, human resources, information technology, concept processing etc. and different domains like manufacturing, banking, insurance, share broking, chartered accountancy, business process outsourcing, knowledge process outsourcing, logistics, transportation, exports and imports, aviation, defence, event management, consultancy etc.

Students are also encouraged to start their own business venture as they learn the basic and advanced concepts about entrepreneurship. BBM program enables management students to venture into business by themselves with the help of funding agencies. The entrepreneurial skills that students learn during the course helps in developing the confidence in students who really have passion to start their own business and enable them to bring the factors of production together. The ED (Entrepreneurship Development) Cell of the college also helps the students to get help from different supporting agencies in the country to train and provide necessary information to the students.

The students also have the opportunity to pursue their higher education in different programmes like MBA, PGDM, CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) certified programme and other equivalent management programmes and diploma programmes.