Books Authored/Co-Authored

Name of the faculty

Title of the book


Dr. Deepa M.A

Role of biocontrol agents for disease management in sustainable agriculture

Scitech publications, Chennai
ISBN: 978-81-8371-292-7 (Edited) 2010

In vitro studies in Salacia beddomei-an endemic Woody climber

Lambert Academic Publishing Co Germany; ISBN: 978-3-8383-8793-2 (Authored) 2010

Recent advances in Agricultural Biotechnology

Himalaya Publishing house, Mumbai
ISBN:978-93-5024-756-3 (Authored) 2010

Dr. A.L. Calistus Jude

Cytogenetic and Biochemical Findings in Digestive Diseases

Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany, May 2011; (ISBN No: 978-3-8443-9367-5)