Seminars Conferences and Workshops

Seminars and Conferences
2010-11: National Seminar on Global Trends in Corporate Governance and Accounting
2011-12: National Seminar on Reforms in Accounting & Taxation.
2012-13: National Conference on Indian Financial System.
2013-14: International conference on Global economic turbulence and its implication on Indian financial environment.
2014-15: International conference of Risk Management through Financial and Commodity Markets.
2015-16: International conference on Emerging Trends in Global accounting and finance

1. Workshop on Tax Management by CA Nimi Mohan, for 60 (VI Sem. B.Com Professional) students on 2nd and 3rd March, 2016.
2. Workshop on Self Branding by Prof Sen Mathews, Faculty, KJC for 60 (B.Com
Professional) on 5 July 2014
3. Workshop on Case Study Analysis by Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Finance and academic
consultant for 37 (M.Com) on 24 July 2014
4. Workshop on Branding and its importance in todays world by Mr. Sangeeth
and Mr Chetan, CEO, Red Cherry Tree for 100 Students of V Sem B.Com A & B , III Sem
B.Com B
5. Workshop on Positive Attitude By Prof Anthony Williams, Director, Zeal Institute on 13 &
14 Aug 2013 for III Sem M.Com Students
6. Workshop on online trading by Mr. Justin ,Regional manager on 23 and 24 may 2013
for III M.Com students
7. Capacity Building Training on Life Skills on 21 Jan – 11 Feb 2013 for I Sem B.Com
8. Workshop on Career Kraft by Mr Uday & Mr Sujith on 15 and 16 June 2012 for V Sem. B.Com Students
9. Workshop on Entrepreneurship Development Programme(Venture Capital) by
Mr Lourdunathan F on 7 July 2012 For V Sem B.Com Students
10. Workshop on Value Education and Empowerment By Prof. Anthony
Williams,Director,Zeal Institute on 21 &22 Nov 2012 for III Sem M.Com Students
11. Capacity Building Training on Life Skills on 21 Jan – 11 Feb 2013 for VI Sem B.Com

Panel Discussion
Panel Discussion on Union Budget 2015 -16 on 11th March, 2015. Moderator –CS Tygarajan. Panel Members-a) CS. Tygarajan b) CA. Gururaj Acharya c) Darlington Hector d) DNS. Kumar.

Faculty Development Programmes:
1. On 30 August 2014, A FDP on Research Empowerment Series was conducted by Dr. M.Victor Louis Anthuvan Prof and Coordinator of Ph.D Programme, LIBA for Commerce and Management Faculties.
2. On 20-Sept-2014, , A FDP on Research Empowerment Series was conducted by
Prof. Mathew J Manimala, Professor @ OBHRM, IIM, for Commerce and Management
3. In house FDP on writing and publishing research articles on 13 Dec., 2013 for
Commerce and Management faculties

Guest Lectures
1. Guest Lecture On Youth And Ethics by Mr. Samuel from Rhoumai Missions International for 280 (I B.Com students) on 23 June 2014
2. Guest Lecture on role of finance in organization from Mr.N. Danush Kodi,Chartered Accountant for 60 (B.Com Professional) on 19 June 2014
3. Guest Lecture on Reverse Mortgage from Mr.N. Danush Kodi,Chartered Accountant for 37 (M.Com) on 19 June 2014
4. Guest Lecture on Positive Path professional Consistency from Mrs Padmini, CA for 60(B.Com Professional) on 30 June 2014
5. Guest Lecture on Career Opportunities for CA & CS Students By Mr C.S.Pradeep John, CA for I B.Com Students professions on 20 July 2013.
6. Guest Lecture on Private Public partnership by Prof Kanishka, St Joseph college for III M.Com Students on 16 Aug 2013
7. Guest Lecture on Corporate Governance for I B.Com Profession Students on 24 August 2013
8. Guest Lecture on Opportunities in Accounting and Finance by Mr Sai Krishna Vyas ,CFO,Commerce Champions on 13 July 2012 for V Sem B.Com students.
9. Guest Lecture On Campus to Corporate Transition by Mr.Bala Krishnamurthy, (Chief Strategy Officer of Mint Book), on 16th October 2015, for 5th Semester B.Com students
10. Guest Lecture on 'International Business Strategy' by Prof. Simon Sweeney, Senior Lecturer in International Business and International Political Economy, The York Management School, UK., on 9th February 2016, for 6th Semester B.Com students
11. Guest Lecture on 'Cost and Management Audit' by CMA. N. Raveendranath Kaushik, Cost Accountant, Ravendranath Kaushik and Associates, on 23rd January 2016, for 4th Semester M.Com, 2nd Semester M.Com and M.Com (F.A)