M.A English Literatures

Programme Overview:
The two-year Masters in English Literatures course, offers students an opportunity to understand the literary, cultural and social dynamism of England's varied past, European and Non-European writing and integrates Indian writing in English facilitating a transcendence of linguistic nativism. After passing the course students have many career options in educational and other fields. The programme has the following objectives:

To introduce students to advanced study and scholarly activity in order to provide an avenue to seek a career in university teaching and literary scholarship.
To develop in students strong analytical skills and a grounding in diverse critical and theoretical approaches and to introduce them to the socio-cultural milieu of different periods.
To equip students with a detailed and sophisticated understanding of English and related literatures, and support students' critical and creative engagement with issues central to and at the cutting edge of English literary studies.

The basic eligibility for pursuing M.A English Literature degree is graduation with English as one of the subjects from any of the recognized university/college of the country.
A minimum of 50% marks in graduation must be there to secure admission in this course.
Subjects of Study:
1. History of English Language
2. English Literature Upto 16th Century
3. Shakespeare
4. The Augustan Age
5. The Romantic Age
6. The Victorian Age
7. Literature Up to 20th Century
8. Indian Writing in English
9. World Literature
10. Sub-altern Literature
11. American Literature
12. English Language Teaching I
13. Gender Studies
14. Research Methodology
15. Literature from SAARC (ELE I) Or Diasporic Literature (ELE II)
16. Inter-Disciplinary (ID-I) : Writing for Academic and Professional Purposes
17. Introduction to Film Studies
18. English Language Teaching II
19. Literary Theory
20. Russian Literature (ELE III) Or French Literature (ELE IV)
MA English Literature Suitability:
Candidates having good teaching aptitudes and other related skills also are suitable for the course.
Applicants who want to know about English Literature, tradition and culture, etc. are most appropriate for it.
Those who want to become teacher, lecturer and translator also can go for this course.

How is MA English Literature Programme Beneficial?
MA English Literature degree serves as a basis for further higher studies and research in this field such as Ph.D. and M.Phil. degree in English Literature

The programme prepares students for teaching and for creative english writing.
MA English Literature degree holder can build career in English Journalism also.

M.A English Literatures Course Structure (click here)