La fete- inter collegiate fest
The college provides a platform for students to test their mettle with students who pursue the same course in other colleges through the inter collegiate fest La Fete. The French translation of 'the festival,, it is both a celebration of talent and also an arena to explore and experience the challenges and flavours of art .

Humantra intra collegiate fest
The intra college Humanities fest is the launch pad for students to benchmark their skills and work at making excellence an attitude. Through a number of competitions and contests, the students are refined into fine models who uphold the vision and mission of the college.

Events of Clubs and associations
Delphia the English Fest is one that traverses through the various nuances of aesthetic and creative essence. With a theme every year, the students are allowed a taste of learning through ingenuity.

The Film club every year screens award winning films for their two day sojourner, ‘Fade in’, where students are taken through the thread of minute emotions that hold the web of life and living, in harmony.

Lumos, the photo exhibition is the studio of shutter shots, where young budding artists display the varied moments that last forever.

Hindi Diwas and Kannada Habba are the fests that celebrate the beauty of languages, The National and the state lingua. Students show their appreciation through poster presentations.

Niche Magazines . the department publishes magazines that discover and prompt journalistic and creative insights of the students. The Quadrangle , is an in house paper that monitors and runs the events staged in the campus. The Pixel and Zoom bring out the photographic genius of the students and the inspirational journal Expressions, publish original work of aspiring young writers.

Guest lectures and Seminars
The department is well aware of the requirements and the limitations that a class room has, also the Global competition that a student of Humanities must encounter. With this criterion in mind, the students are exposed to a number of Value added courses, Guest Lectures and Seminars. With relevant topics and pioneers in various fields, this in house training refines students into sought after erudies.