Department of Hindi

Hindi dept was established in the year 2000, the strength and depth of the impact of the national language in the minds of the language learner of the same is credited to the untiring and efficient efforts of the Hindi Department. Inspiring the student to acquire the sensibility and sensitivity of the language. Hindi has cemented the a foundation of more than just a language, it has achieved a patriotic fragrance through literature, literary criticism and grammatical studies, the students are introduced to various facets of the language thus also enabling them to be strong competitors and winner of various inter collegiate fests. The department extends a cordial and inter-lingual relationship with other linguistic departments establishing a wide and inter-disciplinary intelligence.

Hindi Divas

The sole aim of this program is to spread awareness about our national language and also to instill the feeling of national integrity into our students. And also promoting peace and tranquillity between different religion and cultures.

Hindi Divas is celebrated meaningfully by organizing competitions like

a) Constructive Writing
b) Self Created Poetry Recitation
c) Essay Writing
d) Poster exhibition